Help me, I'm scared,
please show me how to fight this...

  1. Breathe slowly and steadily from your core. Imagine letting fear and worry go, evaporating along with each breath.
  2. Trace your hands against the physical outline of your body. Experience your own presence in the world.
  3. Call a friend and have a chat.
  4. If you are feeling ‘stuck’, change how you’re positioned. Wiggle your fingers, tap your feet. Pay attention to the movement: You are in control of what your body is doing, right here and now.
  5. Use your voice. Say your name or pick up a book and read the first paragraph you find out loud.
  6. Write out what’s going on. Keep writing until you start to notice it makes a difference, lets some of the things you’re anxious about out.
  7. Take a shower/bath (away from razors). Notice the sensations of the water.
  8. Take a look outside. Count the number of trees and street signs.
  9. Go to: the quiet place. 
  10. Count up to ten, then back down. Repeat.
  11. Didn’t work? Count backwards from 100 to 0. 
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